The AA Helping Motorists With Travel

So there was a time in history where the two major motoring clubs, The Automobile Associations and the Royal Automobile Club were the key players in helping motorists travel throughout the UK and Europe. They even had hotel books that had been visited by the clubs and given a rating of how good that were to stay, even certain restaurants would feature in such books.

Travel Car Map

Well here is a revelation! Ther AA still publish them, yes they do. LOL

Even as the The AA moved more into becoming a financial institution and less a club, certain aspects of travel should have dropped away. But if you want to prove to yourself that you still can buy AA books on

  • The Pub Guide
  • The Restuarant Guide
  • The Hotel Guide
  • The Bed and Breakfast Guide
  • The Caravan and Camping Guide

Just to name a few.

The AA Route Planner

If you need to figure out a driving route or estimate the time to travel, then use the free AA rout planner. just enter the postcode from and to or write in the locations and the route finder will calculate the fastest or shorted t route, which is not always the same.

You can then print out the results and take with you, instead of using a sat nav or maps.
If a quick check is made before leaving the “Traffic News” feature can be very useful, as it will show in real time on a map, where there is congestion, or road works, to help plan your route even more efficiently.

It is even possible to plan to your journey to drive over in the continent.

Petrol and Diesel Pricing

Of course the price of fuel directly relates to your journey, “how much is this journey going to cost”? These webpages will also help you cost the drive.

Let’s not forget the main reason why motorists visit the AA’s website and that is to purchase breakdown cover. Something that gives confidence and allows freedom to travel over large distances.

The AA may not be seen as a “club” anymore, but they certainly have some solutions that can be helpful when traveling on UK or European roads.