The AA As An Insurance Provider Not just For Cars

The Automobile Association (AA) started out as a motoring club ironically designed to prevent the police catching speeding drivers back in 1905. Within a decade it had a membership numbers of 10’000s bearing in mind the owning a car back then was a rich man’s game.

But as the decades rolled on, the AA started offering real car related solutions, that makes the brand part of the whole history of motoring in the UK. Many drivers would show their AA badge on their car grille with pride as being a member.

It Started With Breakdown Cover

The most noticeable offering from the association was offering a breakdown service to all of its members. Should a driver breakdown anywhere in the UK, a patrolman would visit and attempt to repair it there and then. AA Phone boxes appeared on virtually every road across the UK, and patrol vehicles could be anything from a motorcycle to a Land Rover.
From The Golden Era to Modern Times

From Motoring Club To Financial Services

But as the golden motoring era, moved into modern times, and the phone boxes would be replaced by mobile phones, what is now known as breakdown cover would become deemed as a financial service and so a motoring club evolved into a financial corporation offering other services, from car and home insurance, loans, mortgages and even credit cards.

No one would have thought back then that the AA could be the chosen provider of home and contents insurance policies for many householders throughout the UK.

Lets not forget those who choose to travel on 2 wheels rather than 4. As well as offering car insurance, The AA also prides itself in offering motorbike insurance too.

Of course, the AA still offers a national breakdown insurance service, with more employed patrols than anyone else and their yellow vans still hold a presence on the British roads. But as with all other financial service purchases, it is important to choose the right one for you so the AA offer various cover options, from Roadside, to Home cover to driving in Europe, including services to get your vehicle home.

Other Services Beyond Money

The AA has also been at the forefront of road safety and regularly comment on aspects that make our daily drive just a bit safer through their charity trust. They also take on issues such as the price of fuel and motoring gadgets such as dashcams etc.

And don’t forget how much the AA has helped motorists to travel by car in the UK, which they still do including various publications from maps to hotels.

But their primary business function is to offer financial services, money and various insurance options to the British public and therefore is now regulated as every other financial provider.