The Largest Breakdown Cover Provider In The UK

There are plenty of articles out there documenting the history of the Automobile Association right from the “horseless carriage” era, through the golden age of motoring right up to modern hybrid vehicles. But here we are just focused on what has become the largest provider of breakdown cover in the UK

Being the largest means that the AA have  more employed mobile mechanics than any other provider around 3000 in total and technology such as their latest “tap the app” process that will track the patrol van on your phone.

The AA Breakdown Cover polices (, can cover both the individual to drive any car (see exceptions), or the car itself, which allows any driver to call out the service. This with unlimited call outs (with the exception of the same un-repaired fault call in 28 days), gives drivers plenty of confidence.

Broken Down on Road

Different Levels Of Breakdown Insurance Cover

As with all insurance policies (that is what breakdown cover is), there are different levels of AA cover to suit motorists with different needs.

The entry level policy is called “Roadside” which involves call out sot the vehicle where in most cases the mobile mechanic will get that vehicle moving safely within 30m mins or so. Then there is the “National Recovery” policy which as the name describes will recover a vehicle and deliver it anywhere within the National mainland the policy holder chooses. None of these policies deals with a vehicle failing to start at the policy owner’s home, so the “At Home” policy was introduced as an upgrade to deal with such circumstances. Further upgrades include “Onward Travel” and European policies.

All Vehicle Types

There are so many types of vehicles that can be covered also, from the 4 wheeled cars, to motorcycles, caravans, camper vans, and even horse boxes. This involves a huge amount of technical knowledge and each mobile mechanic, goes through vigorous training in order to help all they attend to.

Logistics and Machinery

It is worth factoring the machinery and transport required to do the job flatbed lorries for larger vehicles, tow dollies for smaller ones as well as dedicated vehicle transporters. Then there is the communication equipment, that gets recovery vehicles where they need to be quickly and efficiently as well as the patrolmen themselves. The logistics involved, in keeping British drivers moving is very impressive.

It is worth mentioning how hard an AA patrol person has to work. Firstly, this is a 24 hours 7 day a week service in all weathers, even when the weather is the contributing factor to the breakdowns. Unfortunately, this is a life threating job working on the side of the road with vehicles passing at stupid speeds and there have been “lives lost” attending broken down cars.

As with all financial decisions, all potential buyers should seek advice.
It has taken over 100 years to get to this point, but the AA Brand is still going strong as it has either moved with the times or shaped the times, long may it continue.